Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants

Essens Renewable Private Limited stands out for its impressive accomplishment of constructing more than 1300 MWp+ of ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plants consisting of 40+ projects spread across 11 states of India. The completion of a massive 250 MW/333 MWp single project in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, which includes a key 220 kV switchyard for effective power evacuation, is a significant milestone. This accomplishment displays our exceptional EPC capabilities in the field of renewable energy. Our commitment to provide large-scale solar arrays, combined with expertise in managing sophisticated power evacuation infrastructure, exemplifies our dedication to sustainable energy solutions. We continue to spearhead significant solar efforts as an industry leader, contributing significantly to India's shift to renewable energy.

333MW Rajasthan
350MW PAvagada
21MWp Maharashtra
100MWp PAvagada
104MWp Telangana